History of Kessler Machine

Kessler Machine was started in 1932 by Joseph F. Kessler. At the time he was
working as a supervisor  building and designing winches and derricks at
Reed Morrison. When the great depression came, they were forced to close
the doors. At that time Joe bought what he needed to start Kessler Machine
Works from his old employer for pennies on a dollar. He spent four years
working from an old shed on Blue Hill River Road in Canton, Massachusetts.
Once he saved up enough money (1936) he bought our current location.
Joseph F. Kessler
Joseph F. Kessler
(facing us) Joseph F. Kessler Jr.
giving the local high school kids
a tour of the shop.
From left to right. Joseph F. Kessler the IV, Laura Kessler (Joe Jr's
wife) Joyce Kessler (Joe IV's Mother) Mark Kessler with his son
David, Patricia Kessler Murphy with her husband Lucas and son
Joseph F. Kessler (2nd from left) at
the old Reed Morrison.